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Re: pain in shoulder, elbows, wrists- could it be my spine?

I have pain in all the areas you've noted. Although my PMs surgical nurse seems to think that my disc problems should not cause my elbow to hurt I honestly believe its connected, perhaps not primarly from the discs but from the nerves effected by the discs.

NP is right on the mark. Age is not really as big of factor as some doctors would like to to believe. My sister developed spinal issues but I assumed it was stricly due to her RA, then I started having problems & found out I have DDD & stenosis & herniated discs, now my neice is developing problems around same age I did with her cervical. As she is only a couple yrs. younger then I am
Have you been checked for arthritis? Theres a difference between normal wear & tear arthritis that developes as we age vs. progressive arth. that causes enough pain to disrupt our daliy lives.

Often if its disc related certain fingers or parts of the hands are more painful then others. Without a good exam & diagnostic testing its hard to say. Although when you say buring pain it does make one wonder if there is nerve involvement.

As much as we hate starting over or finding new doctors its important that we listen to our bodies & that our doctor listen to us. It took me 4 to 5 doctors to take me serious & by that time I was in chronic pain everyday. Its traumatic enough to not be believed or taken seriously. I wish I would have been more persistant with the doctors & will always wonder if the wasted time contributed to my chronic pain today.

I agree with NP go & have a heart to heart with your doctor, make sure you tell her this is disrupting your everyday life & your concerned. Its not normal & that should be enough for her/him to check things out. In case it was to be cervical or spinal it should be addressed & not ignored. Cervical problems can indeed cause shoulder pain & pain in other extremities. Keep in mind there is no way your doctor can rule anything out without proper testing
x-rays alone do not cut it.
Good luck & stay strong in being your own advocate. If you dont mind come back & let us know how it goes. Sammy