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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

HI Fluffy,
Your problems with your tendon seems alot like mine. I have had 3 surgeries on my right peroneal tendon. The first surgery failed and i swithched Drs. The 2nd surgery the new Dr. moved my heel bone over thinking that is was tearing my ankle, this was the most painful surgery because of the screws in my heel. While I was recovering from this surgery about 10 weeks after I slipped and feel in a store and retore the tendon hence the 3rd surgery.The 3rd surgery he took the tendon from the inside of my ankle and moved it to the outside to piggy back the peroneal tendon(sorry my dr. doesnt tell me the medical terms for the surgeries)I have little movement and feeling in my big toe from this surgery. So about 2 weeks before Christmas I went up on my tip toes and heard a pop with lots of pain. Went to Dr. tried aN MRI couldnt see anything because of the screws and did a CT scan that couldnt show if the tendons were tore but showed the were very swollen and enlarged with significant calcifications. Dr. put me in cast for 4 weeks. I had the cast taken off yesterday and am in so much pain today i feel sick to my stomach. I go back to DR. in March and then will decide if I have surgery to take the screws out to get a better look at tendons. The cold also bothers me very much to walk on a cold floor is tourture!I am also frustrated and very tired of being in pain, I had about a year of pain free before this incident.
Hope it helps to know your not alone,