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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Hey there,

I have had peroneal surgery 3x.

The first time they found a tear. It was repaired. SUbluxation was fixed.

The second time it still hurt, not too bad, but the dr. was doing other stuff and found 2 more tears taking up 50% of the tendon. Strangely, the MRI I had done 2 mos earlier showed no tears at all. It was fixed.

Pain was AWFUL after surgery #2. I literally sat a few times with a knife ready to cut out the tendon. Dr. thought I was nuts and said he would not touch that tendon again. I complained each visit, was in tears each visit. Was ready to give up. Then, thankfully due to a tear in my PTT, I was scheduled for surgery #3. I begged him to check my peroneal tendons.

Surgery #3 found my PTT and my peroneal tendons GLUED down. They wouldn't move. He spend over a half hour on each one feeing them so they would move again. This time instead of being casted for 6 weeks(I had bone work down too), he put me in a boot at 10 days post op so I could move my foot. What happened was that my body made way too much scar tissue after surgery #2, esp since I was casted for 6 weeks and a boot for 6 more.

So now my peroneals feel better. I still have a zingy feeling from the nerves being entrapped in some scar tissue and it is sore a little, but it is WAY better than before surgery #3. I no longer sit there with a knife trying to figure out the best way to cut them out.

So keep pressing to get answers. Find a reason for your dr. to check into it again. Scar tissue does not show up on an MRI and so my dr. had no idea until he got in there and was amazed that I was even doing what I was based on how bad it was.
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