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Re: Is Gastric Bypass the answer for a Mom who is quite obese?

I am sorry that you absolutely misunderstand mental health counseling ...there are reasons for addictions and that is why you can't really help can only suggest she get medical/mental health help. If her medical health is ok and there isn't some underlying thyroid or other diseases that contribute to weight gain then the next step is mental health counseling to see why she eats so much. So... yes just loving her is about all you can do for anyone with addictions. Did you think she doesn't know she is overweight...she knows that she is overweight and perhaps is shameful or maybe not is your job as her daughter to just love her and try to understand why she got to this point. She has a life/thoughts that you as her daughter are not privileged to no matter how you see it. You describe the physical aspects of your mom but you don't mention her mental state...and that is the most important information you don't have. I guess I would have to ask how have you been treating her? are you embarrassed by her? Do you talk to her about it? Addictions are very difficult and your mom needs the professional help you don't see. Good luck.