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Re: Anyone use green smoothies or supplements to expedite bone healing

I use about a half of a fresh pineapple combined with two cups of spinach when I don't have a broken foot. Spinach is a no no when you have a fracture as it slows healing and the AMA actually warns that it doubles healing time. However, romain leaves or dandelion leaves work well with the pineapple. If you like things sweet then throw in a banana and it smooths out the texture considerably. We are always on a tight budget but I splurged just before Christmas on a Blendtec which blends the best tasting green smoothies. Pineapple is considered a natural healing food when it comes to mending broken bones and apples are also very useful in the recovery stage. Pears also work well with romaine lettuce - just play around and add greens and fruit in a blender and you will see how easy it is to make healthy recipes. Northwind, I sincerely hope that you get a negative on the bone infection results. I have an external ficxator and that is the one thing that worries me most. I rang my surgeon at 10:30 on Saturday night worried about how much I was moving my foot as the sling has loosened (hopefully due to diminshed swelling) and I once again brought up how I am not comfortable with not cleaning the pin sites daily. The surgeon seemed irritated and then said well I think you need to see me once a week as you are getting way ahead of yourself. I get that he essentially called me a whiny high maintenance patient but the thing is my foot recovery is very important to me. Boy, you don't even think about your feet until you can't use them. Did you by chance move your foot about as the fracture was healing? I am about 11 days post op.