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Advice when talking to pain management doc for first time?

Hi, all. I have an appointment with the pain management doctor on Thursday and just thought I would ask if anyone had ideas on how to talk to him. I get nervous in the Drs office and end up not saying things or expressing things the right way. I have fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis as well as osteoarthritis. My VA doc wouldnt give me more than 2 7.5 hydrocodone a day and it just isnt enough to be able to function. I only work three 12hr days a week (the whole time of which I am in agony) and get to rest the other 4. The first day after I get off is what I call my 'dead day' because I basically do nothing but try to recover from the stress of my work week. My VA doc thinks I am a drug seeker, I guess they get that a lot. (at least that was the impression she gave me). I just want to be able to iterate how I feel without sounding crazy and desperate (which in a way, I guess I am).

At one point I was on 3 percocet a day as well as 3 flexeril a day. I wanted to try to cut down on them as my whole family has addictive tendencies (drugs, alcohol, you name it). But I have found its not that I am looking for a high, I am just looking for relief and the ability to not be a total ***** at work because I am in pain. I asked a friend who is an RN to write me a buddy letter to try to increase my va money and in it she stated that I had 'emotional outbursts' when I was in pain and the other staff worried. Made me feel like crap I tell ya. Made me realize that it affects me and is more noticeable than I thought. It was great for her to help me in writing it, but it was an eyeopener for sure.

Anywho.. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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