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Re: Back Pain!!!

Hi Shelley!

The back pain you're describing sounds exactly like the pain that started for me about 2 years ago and began my "MS adventure"... I tried PT as Nik mentioned, as well as muscle relaxers, heavy pain meds, etc. (all docs thought it was a disc problem until my spine MRI showed no issues)... heat helped me as well, but when I finally got to see a Neuro, she also prescribed Baclofen because the heat wasn't taking all the pain away and it had become hard to walk. If you're ok with taking medications to treat your symptoms, this might be something you want to ask your neuro about - for me there are no side effects such as drowsiness or feeling "out of it" but Im not sure if that is the case for everyone. I will say that using heat and taking the Baclofen when the pain becomes unbearable has been a much better alternative than taking something like Percocet all the time since I hate the "drugged" or "out of it" feeling that opiates usually cause.

I hope that you continue to find relief using whatever method you feel is best for you...

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