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Re: Back Pain!!!

hey Shelley-
I tried Baclofan and it worked for me as well, however it DID make me feel hung over the next day. My doctor prescribed Flexeril for me, same type of drug, and I only use it when I absolutely have to- but it does help....and I dont feel as hung over I usually take it at can ask about the difffernce in the two.

I also wanted to tell you that last night, I got a steroid shot in my back, up around my shoulder blade...they called it a trigger point injection. He said it would take 2-3 days before Id feel better. I had one very long, very ferocious day, and drove almost 200 miles today (for work) and honestly, my back isnt hurting like it normally would; so maybe it is starting to work for me. The specialist I saw is NOT convinced that my disc issues are causing my pain....and yet not convinced that its MS either. I have MRIs scheduled in mid Feb and a follow up MS appt the first week of March, so it was decided that after we see how my MS looks, and be sure there is no new lesions or progression, Im going to go back and see the pain specialist again- and let him know how this trigger point thing worked out. At that point, if Im stil having pain, a spinal injection might be the next step, which would be done in the out patient unit at the hopsital, under flouroscopy...thats a good way to have injections done, keeps them from hitting a nerve and makes everything clearer.....the thought doesnt thrill me, but its better then surgery! Ill keep you posted.
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