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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Harcle - The lab results seem pretty good. I'm sure the Bystolic is causing the increased glucose. At 125 or above, it's considered diabetes, and doctors usually begin treatment with diabetic drugs. That's one of my only concerns with Bystolic so far. I never had an increased glucosed with Ace Inhibitor drugs or ARB blockers. Homocysteine levels can be lowered with B-complex vitamins daily. Bystolic is supposed to lower homocysteine levels (perhaps another unfounded fact with Bystolic). Cardiologist don't appear to monitor homcysteine levels as much anymore. Another very important part of the blood test, more important than cholesterol or homcysteine, is your C-Reacive protein level (CRP). Ask your doctor for this test. This test is an inflammatory measurement of your cardiovascular system. You can also look it up on the web. Bystolic is great at lowering this level. My last measurement while taking Bystolic was 0.16. Anything less than 1.0 indicates low cardiovascular risk. On other beta blockers, my CRP was always > 1.0. The glucose can be a very serious problem, hopefully on my next blood test I will see a lower glucose level. Most medications appear to be double edged swords.