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Question Surgery to repair bicep tear and impingement

I'm a 29 year old female, who has had shoulder pain for years. I was a competitive swimmer as well as a fitness junkie who did years of strength training. The last month or two it has gotten considerably worse. I can't sleep, and am in constant pain. I finally went to an orthopedic doc a couple of weeks ago.

We tried a cortisone shot (based on my symptoms, he gave it to me in the rotator cuff area, which he suspected was the problem) and then scheduled an MRI for later in the week, the pain only got worse. Then, a couple of hours after the MRI, it got considerably worse. The doc saw me first thing on Monday 1/25 and gave me two more (he gave me one for the bicep tendon and the other for the impingement - we had the MRI results showing that there was a tear in the bicep tendon as well as a rotator cuff impingement on the acromium). They still have not worked.

He told me that if they didn't work, it wasn't wise to keep trying the cortisone because of the side effects and that it most likely would not work even if we tried again. I am supposed to go in early next week if the pain is not gone.

He is recommending surgery. I have done PT in the past - with no long-term relief, I was doing pilates exercise up until the pain was too unbearable (which are very similiar to PT exercises). I have done heat and ice and NSAID's.

I guess what I need is opinions from people who have had this type of surgery. I want relief from this pain, but am scared that the surgery won't help. I don't want to go through a surgery and wish I hadn't done it. I just don't know what else to do. I can't bear much more of this pain. I also don't want to think about a long recovery. I'm a busy mom of two kids and the thought of having to rely on people isn't appealing. However, I hate being in all this pain. I'm ornery and tired all the time.

any help would be great!


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