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Re: Nystagmus

You all are awesome! Thank you for your responses. Yes, I do have a neurologist,, but he has a lousy staff. I called last Monday and told the medical assistant about the vertigo and all and about prescription refills. I kept waiting for a reply back. Finally Thursday I found out the prescription refills weren't even taken care of, let alone calling me back. I left another message. I can never get straight through to talk to anyone. Friday, my husband got ticked off and called them, talked to the office manager and I got a call from the medical assistant within an hour. hmmmm.... Anyway, she said she "mentioned" to the doc about the vertigo, ordered my meds, then later it came out she just got my Tysabri ordered for the next year and didn't do anything about the scripts I had called about. In my mind, I'm thinking she never said anything to the doc or did anything regarding my call I made last Monday or the follow up on Thursday. So she said she would call me back regarding all that stuff. Guess what?!?! I still have not heard back. My husband has a dental appointment early Monday and if I haven't heard from the doc's office he is taking me there and we will not leave until I either see the neuro opthamologist or my neurologist. It's a shame I've heard more from you all and gotten more info than I have from my doctor's office. Hopefully I can give you more uplifting info tomorrow. Thanks again!