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Re: Chain Smoker; What To Do?

I smoked a lot, I tried cutting back but that made me think about smoking more. I actually would sit and think about how long till the next cigarette. I don't think that's productive in quitting. It's sort of like when you think of quitting and your brain thinks immediately of lighting up.

What helped me was to just smoke. Smoke and really notice how I felt in the morning when I got up before that first cigarette. Then I would smoke and really feel what the drug fix did to my body. The elevated pulse, the slightly sick feeling. It's there if you pay attention.

I said heck with it and I smoked a lot before I quit. Really noticed how it felt and how smoking too much made my skin and teeth and tongue feel. How the stale smell would get into my hair, clothes, pores really.

Look at that ashtray and the multitude of butts. Smell it and know when you go out in public all the nonsmokers think you smell just like that. Something I never noticed until I quit was how bad smokers really smell.

I quit one day, it was at aobut 11:25 pm and I never smoked since.

I had bad days. Emotional, grumpy, ****** off days.

I went to bed early if I had to, I cleaned out the fridge, I broke a plate on the floor, I cleaned out the car, I drove off and cried, I did whatever I had to do to beat the drug addiction.

I know a lot of people who say they like smoking. I found for me it wasn't really "liking smoking" as much as liking that smoking and getting the drug fix held off the withdrawl.

The worst of it was over after 3 weeks for me honestly. Then it was a matter of keeping the self promise that I will no way in he## go through this again because truly each day you walk through you never have to do again if you just don't smoke. It gets easier and easier. You will be so happy and amazed the first day you have that you realize you've gone the whole entire day without wanting a cigarette. It happens.

Read "The Easyway" by Carr, it might help you also. You read it before you quit.

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