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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Update on transitioning off of Beta Blocker Bystolic: Finished the first phase on Saturday night which lasted 2 weeks and consisted of reducing my dosage from 5mg once a day at night to 2.5mg. I now am going into the 2nd phase which is skipping a day for 1 week and only taking 1 pill every other day for a week-then stopping completely.

Yesterday was the first day of the the 2nd to last phase (skip a day for a week) of stopping Bystolic. Did not take the 2.5 mg dosage last night.

No major noticeable difference other than I was nervious this morning about taking my BP and by the time I took it, the first reading, actually first two were high (which from what I read is normal). The first reading was a whopping 169/87 but then came immediately down to 151/79 and by the 3rd reading (which were all about a minute apart), it had dropped down to 135/77 Total white coat syndrome nerviousness. My heart rate remained low-averaging between 56 and 64 when moving around. My heart rate even with the readings above were a consistant 59. I worked out Saturday morning with max HR up to 120 and it only took 2 1/2 minutes to recover. From what I read, I could experience several high BP readings that will normalize and some rapid heart rate which I haven't experienced yet-thankfully. I have had a few pvc's which I've had all my life and like ACE said in a previous post, can be caused by coffee, food, etc. mine is mostly from coffee--duh! Will continue to post daily in order to help people needing support when transitioning off of any beta blocker. Thanks, Jack (Harcle12)