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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Hi everyone.

Thank you all so so so much for taking the trouble to give responses. I really appreciate it.

I'm losing the will to live! I'm almost 3 months into recovery since my last surgery and the pain is horrific. Acid pain 24/7 that is actually worse than it was before surgery. I was warned this could happen but now it's actually upon me I could cry - in fact I did yesterday. I know it's silly but two-and-a-half-years of this is enough to drive anyone to tears I think.
I have to see my physio tomorrow and if she thinks I'm standing on tip-toes and balancing on my bad foot for 40 seconds like she's insisting I should be able to by 3 momths then she can think again. I physically can't do it and I'm so tired of being what feels like quoted from The Big Book Of Peroneal Tendon Facts. It's really bugging me that everyone at the hospital seems to think that because text books say I should be capable of this and that at this point in my recovery then that's that. I want to scream at them that surely there must be an exception to the rules now and again. How can everyone have the exact same recovery time or post-op symptoms?
I feel like the fact I'm still in pain and it seems to be worsening is of no importance to anyone at the hospital at all. It's like they think they've done the ops and therefore I can't possibly still be suffering this amount of pain. I feel like they think I'm making it up or at best exaggerating. It's really upsetting.
I have my 12 week review on Monday (8th Feb) and I'm going to be firm when I go to the hospital. I think I've no choice but to demand another ultrasound scan to get them to take a look. It's like they do the op and then just assume everything is OK no matter how much I say it isn't. Taking a look inside is out of the question!
Sorry to moan again. I'm sure I'll get somewhere if I kick up a stink at the hospital next week but it's just a constant battle to get anything done. I think I'm just devestated that after 2 painful ops with long recovery periods I hoped it would be the end of it and it just doesn't seem there's any end in sight.
I'm exhausted.

How is everyone else doing?

Fluffy. xx