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Re: Chain Smoker; What To Do?

kaz, been there done it...and back to it ~sigh~. I know how it is. I actually went to a hypnotist. (one on one) not one where there are hundreds getting this done. It worked...and odd thing is, I didn't want to quit! It was tough..yes, yes yes. but after 3 years, i went back to it. ( out with lead to another so on, and so on.) If you don't go out to bars..and can clean out a drawer..write a letter, draw a doodle, and just keep busy, besides sleeping, YOU CAN DO THIS. I will attempt it again at the end of Feb!...will let you know!...KEEP can be done..Never thought I would when I did!...keep telling yourself, omg i got through it this long...I CANNOT go back now!...move move move..walk, run, watch a movie..make a collage..just do it! I am with you!