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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Thanks Kris.
I saw my physio today who says just 3 months after surgery the hospital are unlikely to do anything anyway as it's too soon. They want to wait at least anothre 3 months before they even think about scanning it again.
I have my 3 month review on Monday so I'll kick off a bit then as I've no other choice.
I just hate it when everyone looks at me like they're an authority on my condition and I'm just the patient so what could I know? The truth is that this condition is common but rarely treated to the point of surgery so it seems to me the reason I'm largely getting no answers is because no one has any but won't admit it.
My physio seems to look doubtful when I tell her the pain has increased since surgery and certainly worsened in the last 2 weeks. She says she believes me but doesn't look like she does. She says my scar isn't hot, red or swollen anymore like it was in the weeks after my op so therefore there can't be anything much wrong. I strongly disagree but I just don't think anyone is very interested.
I wouldn't be so concerned but back in 2008 when no one really knew what was wrong and everyone at the hospital was keen to write me off with all sorts of minor problems. I had this acid pain and insisted it needed looking into and demanded that I had an ultrasound scan as MRI's are useless for this type of problem. I was looked at like I was a lunatic but I was right and eventually had surgery.
I was right then when they were all wrong and I think I'm right again now. Surely I'm the best person qualified to know how much pain I'm in?
I had the same surgery on my right foot first and never had this acid pain again once the op was done but it's constant in my left foot. I'm so frustrated no one seems to be bothered.
The problem definately isn't scar tissue. I had a ton of it removed when I had surgery in November.
I guess I'll have to take it up with whoever I see at fracture clinic on Monday.
Thanks again for your help.
Fluffy. xx

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