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Re: What WORKED for Me--Hope this helps!!

Hi Stefanie.. I have tried every soap, antibiotic and drying lotion known to man, but when you have excess oil and cysts coming from way down at the bottom of a pore, it is another type of acne. The hormonal cystic nodules are hard to stop because of the excess secretions of sebum. Spiro balances the excess testerone that is causing this sebum. The pimples that sit on the surface are the ones that you can dry up, but the nodules are the ones that almost have a root and they erupt slowly to the surface and stays hard and then scars with a pit or a red mark. They take forever to go away.Anyone who has this knows what I'm talking about. Spiro is the blocker discovered to stop this hormonal imbalance. Men can't take this because they need the hormone. Women don't need as much. There is a great book called the hormonally vunerable woman. Good reading and makes sense. Long term usage seems to be okay. Just can't take while pregnant. Accutane stops the oil to a degree, but can come back due to the fact that it can't balance hormones.

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