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Re: Rectal prolapse, rectocele, & bladder/vaginal cystoceles

I had surgery for cystocele, rectocele and enterocele; it was one surgery to fix all. 3 enemas a day seems insane, how on earth do you deal with it? I had extreme problems with constipation as well prior to surgery, no amount of fiber or water made a difference. I did stay away from enemas or laxatives since the body can get used to them and you end up with a boomerang effect. It's hard to imagine that they are going to make you wait that long for surgery, is this the only urogyn in your area? The urogyn I had did all of the repairs and that is the norm for POP issues fixed by urogyns; I'd question why 2 physicians. Also, why are they talking resection if the colonoscopy came back negative? If it was me, I think I'd get one more opinion from a different urogyn; especially if the two surgeons already involved work within the same group. I truly had no problems with the surgery itself (other than it is an uncomfortable heal curve, but considering the areas being worked on, that is to be expected), you might want to ask them what type of procedures they think they'll need to do and do some digging on-line. Are they going to use mesh? If so what type of mesh? (Some cause problems, my urogyn used an older tried and true type and again, I've had no problems.) Good luck, sounds like more questions need to be addressed prior to moving forward!