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Back Again

Hello Everyone!
I posted here on this board maybe a year ago after I was involved in a rollover car accident. At that time I was experiencing anxiety and flashbacks related to the accident. I really wasn't for sure if I was dealing with PTSD, but I have new symptoms that have recently shown up. I guess I am looking for some support and maybe some direction because I honestly don't have a clue what I should do. Here's a little tidbit of what is going on...

Hypervigilence: I am constantly tense, especially when I am in the car. When I am driving, I feel like I am in this weird daze. I am lightheaded and I feel like I am dreaming almost. Nothing really seems real, only the sensations that make me feel like the car is moving to the side of the road(This is worse when I come to a bridge because the cars are closer together and I feel like I am going to be side swiped). My car accident involved another car coming to close to me and when I tried to move over to the side, I hit a patch of ice.

When I am riding in the car with another person, I am in constant anxiety. If a car is on the side waiting at a stop sign, I feel like they are not going to wait and just dart out in front of us. If the driver gets too close to the shoulder, I start hyperventilating and I feel as if the accident is happening all over. I am constantly jumping at the sight of cars, even if they pose no threat. I have even screamed when a car looked as if it wasn't going to stop at the stop sign.

Nightmares: I dream of the accident sometimes, but most of my dreams are about getting into another accident. The dreams I have are exactly what happened to me, but I repeat the same thing "oh god, not again". These dreams are frequent, but I have began acting out. I have woke on several occasions standing up pushing on my bedroom window trying to get out(in the accident I was banging on the door and window trying to get free). One time, I woke up on the floor trying to break myself free. Another time I was laying on top of my boyfriend, trying to push on the walls.

To keep this short, I have flashbacks and anxiety when it comes to talking about the accident. I am really worried about the acting out that I have been enduring and I am unsure if this could be a sign. Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading.

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