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Re: Are Steroid Injections Painful?

Hi. Well I sure appreciate the replies and support very much. The problem is they wrote my appt. For 10:00 am. So I was there at 9:30. Then, at the clinic, it was on the computer for 2:00. So who do you think was right?? Well of course not the patient! So they acted like I was at fault and wouldn't answer me if I was in trouble since I couldn't stay for 2:00 pm. On such short notice I had NO ride home after the procedure. I'm so afraid after hearing how these PM drs. Are always cutting people off there care for the littlest things! They did reschedule me for 2 weeks so do you think that's a good sign?? I am just on the Fentanyl 25 mcg patch now. This whole situation makes me uneasy since they seem to treat so unfairly. Anyone have any suggestions of anything else I should do with this situation? Thank you! Marla