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Re: I need some advice , please help....

Originally Posted by wantbhappy3 View Post
I"m really needing some reassurance here. Last year I had unprotected sex with a guy I was dating. Don't know his status, as I havent seen him since. But after a few months a started having enlarged lymph nodes and a throat issue where , It didnt hurt, but I couldnt clear the mucus from my throat. This happened in Oct. 2008 and so I decided to get tested for HIV in Febuary 2009 because of my enlarged nodes and throat discomfort and the test came back negative (thats a bit past three months) so I should be in the clear right? Also I tested for other std's in April 2008 and found I had gotten HPV. So doctor gave me anti-biotics for the throat and it did work, and the lymph nodes never went down. So here I am a year later, and the throat issue has come back, and my tongue is white with what seems like some white buildup in the back and red dots, except this time the anti-biotics do not work. I am scared to death that maybe because my immune sytem is so compromised i might not be responding to the meds. I'm am scared that maybe the test I had gotten done will change status, not that I am getting more symptoms. Such as the white tongue, discomfort and dry throat, and I have experienced headaches and feeling nauseaus sometimes too (dont know if its due to anxiety) fever, weight lose, night sweats or chills. But symptoms from HIV can come in many forms right???

Im just so afraid, because my nerves are getting the best of me, I am in a great relationship now, and love my boyfriend, so far my boyfriend hasnt had any symptoms but UTI, and a pimple like appearance on his penis. I told him I have the HPV and he has convinced himself that probably that is why the pimple like appearance appeared on his penis.

Also the doctors I went to in Febuary 2009 and April 2009, tried to convince me that I am worrying to much and that I do not have HIV. My doc told me the white tongue is not thrush, and my other doctor basically told me I shouldnt worry when I asked her if I maybe I have HIV, and told me that many things can cause lymph nodes to enlarge. I looked up if HPV can cause lymh nodes to enlarged and doctors and websites confirm no....

In the past year I've had other symptoms that have come and gone, such as pelvic pain, dizziness, and a one time incident where I fainted last year. But they have all come and gone. I was pretty brave about getting the test done the first time, but now as time passes I am more terrrified then ever. I've had nightmares, and stop living life to the fullest and cry all the time because I am so depressed and suffering over this. Its so hard to beleive I could be nagative when symptoms just keep poppin up.

Please help anyone, I would appreciate any insight or rationale please.