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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Weds morning update: skipped Bystolic last night and no noticeable changes--worked out last night and pre-workout BP avg 135/75 with low reading of 124/74 pulse 57 after long day at office. Post workout: 10 mins after BP reading was avg of 135/76 with low reading of 129/76 pulse of 63. No missed heart beats or nervousness .
Slept good and this morning upon waking and after morning coffee,etc I took BP with one high reading (white coat fever-lol) of 151/77 which dropped to 138/72 on low end over 5 readings,. Avg of the 5 readings I took was 144/73 p-58. Since morning BP readings are normally a little higher than usual, it's no big deal and during the tapering off period, BP will fluctuate some from what I've read. Thinking about cutting my 2.5mg Bystolic in half again for tonight's dosage as I feel no side effects at all from the tapering down. Should be completely off by mid to end of next week. Again, I am posting this tapering down report to support other going through it. Thanks! Jack

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