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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

I too was told they could not do another scan for 6 months after the surgery. My Dr. gave the reason that the tendon would show it was torn even if it wasnt because of it healing during that time. He did go ahead and give me another MRI right at 6 months and it was torn hence my 3rd surgery. MY issue now is because of all the surgeries and screws they cant see the tendon if it is torn. I go back in March and decide if the screws come out to take a better picture. My guess is going to be yes they are coming out. I am still in pain and it is not getting any better. The thought of a 4th and possibly 5th surgery is really depressing. I have 3 kids and all surgeries have been over the summer months because I work for a school, The surgeries have been as hard on them as me. Has either of you had screws removed? It is such a struggle everyday to try and figure out what to do. I am only 39 and to think of walking in pain for the rest of my life is crazy!