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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Hi Mabent! Sorry I didn't see your reply or post sooner. You most likely won't notice any sort of a withdrawal since you are going from one Beta Blocker to another as they both do the same thing. I went from nearly 2 years of taking 50mg of Atenolol to Bystolic and didn't notice anything at all except that I had more energy and could get my HR up higher during exercise on Bystolic. I can't comment on the other drugs you take as I don't know anything about them. I took both the Atenolol and Bystolic as a plan to control Labile Blood Pressure but am now controlling them with exercise and meditation, supplements. Labile Blood Pressure is not sustained high blood pressure so Beta Blockers are a first line of defence but usually if you can control the anxiety, you can control the BP. If you can't, you stand a chance of getting Sustained HBP. I'm lucky to be controlling it for now. Good luck with the change and keep us posted on how your new meds are doing for you. Jack