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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Thanks again for all your replies. You really are a help!

Heidi, I haven't had any screws put in so don't have this problem but it wouldn't surprise me if I need more surgery that will involve somethin like it so I'll keep you posted.

I can understand the need to wait for 6 months post-op before anything will be even looked into but the frustration is killing me. I just know I'm right about something being wrong and it seems such a waste of time. I've already watsed so much time listening to them say "Let's try laser traetement - Let's try steroid injections - Let's try 3 months of physio."

Kris - I'm totally with you on the 6 week thing. I got so fed up when I was first diagnosed with being told they'd see me in 6 weeks. I'd wait for an appointment which didn't come so had to spend ages on the phone hounding them for one. Then it would arrive and I'd have to wait 4 weeks to see someone. Then I'd get all geared-up that when I went someone would do something only to find when I got there I'd have a minor poke-about to be toldto come back again in another 6 weeks! In the end I kicked-off and said to the bloke I saw each time - "You do know I'm aare that two lots of 6 weeks is 3 months? Calling it weeks doesn't make me think it's any less. I'm not stupid you know. What's going to change between now and then other than my condition getting worse? DO SOMETHING!!!"
Ar which point he scuttled off and got a surgeon and then I was finally put on the waiting list. I resent having to cause such a scene to get anything done. It's hard here in the UK because we gave a National Health Service. I know alot of the rest of world thinks we're lucky because that means we don't pay for anything but we do - we get an onscene amount of money taken from our wages every month in National Insurance contributions to pay for the NHS and when you need it you have to threaten to kill someone to get something done which we pay heavily for.

Back on topic though. I just know so much time has already been wasted. July 2007 I first noticed soemthing was wrong and it was January 2009 before I had my furst op. I just think now that we know the problem they should get on with it. Haven't we all suffered enough??? Arrgggghhhhhh!!!

I'm calm now I promise....
I'll have a chat with whoever I see at fracture clinic next week. My hopes aren't high though. I know they'll say they can't do anythig until 6 months is up and I suppose that is sensible. The point is when I go back when 6 months is up they'll try and fob me off with crap and I'll have to complain yet again and the whole cycle of everything I've been through twice already qill begin again.

Much love to you all. Let's keep going !!!

Fluffy. xx