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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Hi Jack and Ace, Thanks for your reassuring posts! Jack, I am an anxious person and have always been. I'm sure that I've had high blood pressure, starting with labile hypertension, for many years before it was discovered.
I understand that 'they' now believe that white-coat hypertension leads to true (or whatever it's called) hypertension many times. I am so hoping that maybe finally I am taking the correct combination of drugs to keep my b/p under good control. So far my readings have been much lower - even going to 111/60 early this morning (I took it with two different b/p monitors just to be sure it was a correct reading The highest reading so far has been 142/77 today, which two weeks ago would have made me happy! But now I'm trying for the 120's but happy with 130. The diastolic has not been higher than 80.
It certainly is disheartening to learn about the many recalls of various drugs!
I won't be one bit surprised if Tekturna is recalled some day, or at least has some of it's side effects increased.
Jack, you certainly are doing well on your tapering, and also on your exercise routines!!! Do you exercise daily, Ace? I need to do more walking...