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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Hi Ace! You are my biggest fan! When I first got on Beta Blockers, I was very negative even depressed over not being able to get my HR up enough (Avg on Beta Blockers was like 105 max while on Atenolol-much higher later on Bystolic though) and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to work my heart enough for cardio or even fat burning. I went on line and there were a ton of threads on just this subject. Basically the cardio's all say that if you are exercising hard enough to be winded and sweating for at least 20-30 mins a day, you are indeed burning fat and working your heart enough to keep it in good shape. My doctor said that exertion (running on treadmill or fast walking on treadmill at incline for example) times duration of time (20-30 mins) will be all you need to do the job. Once I got on Bystolic I was able to bring my HR way up in the 120's at times but that took a while--still it was a personal best since being on Beta Blockers. My maximum at age 65 on the basic formula's is the number 222 minus your age (65 for me) times 65%-75% to reach your fat burning zone; 75-92% for max cardio. So in my case the HR levels would be 222-65=157 (Maximum HR) X 65%= 102- 117 for fat burning; and 118-144 for peak cardio. I probably wouldn't push it past the 144 for an extended amount of time but plan on trying for 150 at least once after I'm off of the pills. At 144, believe me, I'm winded-LOL!

As for the desk job routine, believe me I know what you mean. <My work days> sometimes go well into the evening, like last night but I know that if I want to last long enough to see my 44 year old wife make it to 88 (I'd be 108 ) then I have to do this. And i love it honestly! Plus, there is nothing better than taking your BP 15 mins after a work out and seeing the 120's over 60's, like this morning!

BP last night was 126/69 no gym as I had a late night at office--no pill last night--this morning readings were pre-w/o 145/80; 137/76;135/77--Post workout 15 mins-126/77 p 67--max HR was 133 for short duration-avg 114 for 25 mins. recovery was 4 mins after last exercise. Have a great day Ace and think about a gym membership close to you where you can spend 30 a day-4-5 days a week if possible. Personal trainers at good establishments like the big names have great trainers who know how to build a program around people like us who are on meds. Jack

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