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Re: worried about my blood pressure.. too high?

I've been lowering my blood pressure and it's been working, slowly.

For me, I get cardio everyday for about 15 to 25 minutes.
Eat healthier by eating fruits, vegetables and no red meats. I rarely eat baked chicken, but eat a lot of Salmon as it has Omega 3's.
Cut out the junk food like chips, sodas and even juices, for me. The only juice I drink is a glass of orange juice and that's in the morning.
Not eating T.V. Dinners or any other packaged frozen meals
Staying away from candy, cookies and other sweets.
No fast food.

I would try to get your BP down because 140/85 is a bit high. 140 is borderline on the systolic side and you're a little over the suggested norm on the diastolic side.

Try getting back up and exercising every now and then.