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Re: Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker

Ace:Sunday evening: first negative and I'm not really sure how negative it is. last night was a skip a pill night which I did, and this morning everything was normal as it has been, however I played golf today in very windy weather-tough going and around the end of the round, I noticed that my heart rate was very rapid for not being exercise induced. When I got home to watch the Super Bowl, my heart rate was still rapid but blood pressure was good-115/78 but pulse was between 89 and 112. it's been rapid for the last few hours in the 100 area but I don't feel any negative effects and in fact feel very normal--just anxious over the high heart rate after having it be between 55 and 65 for the last two years. Since I've been working out while tapering off I don't think I'm doing any damage to my heart (or I would have on the machines in the gym) so I feel it's just one of the issues with tapering off beta blockers. I take a pill tonight (2.5mg) as it is scheduled but will go every 3rd day starting on Tuesday. So, is there anything to worry about with the rapid Heart Beat? BTW, I took a 0.025 mg Ativan to head off the anxiety that was coming. I know, don't laugh, that is such a small dose but it works for me. Ace--any thoughts on this please? Jack
Update--10:30PM Blood pressure low-115/70-Pulse back to normal 65 beats per min.

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