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Re: (humor) How to get along with doctors

Hi, Friend . . . may I add something?

How to impress doctors:

1. Know all of the big words and be able to spell them accurately on your information for your chart.

2. Already have a diagnosis of your condition in mind before they even examine you.

3. Watch them when they draw your blood. Not fainting is a sign of character as is not looking away.

4. If you have home blood pressure monitoring or a blood sugar test kit, take daily readings for five days before your appointment and provide them with the information. That way if your readings at the appointment are off, they will know it is just because of the appointment.

5. Comment on something the pharmaceuticals gave them as a promotional item. For example, if when they want you to pump up for the blood drawing with a pill shaped rubber device, comment on how cute it is and if they ever get another one, can you have it?

6. Never blush when they pull the gown away to listen to your heart or check other areas of your body that you would not want your own mother to see naked.

7. If you are asked to make a follow-up appointment, ask the receptionist what days are good for the doctor so that they do not have to break a golf date.