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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Hi everyone.

I went to the hospital today for my 3 month review.
As expected, I have to go back in another 3 months as it's too soon after surgery to tell what's a genuine problem and what's healing etc. Fair enough.
One thing I did get straight though - AT LAST!!! - is that my days standing on my feet all day at work are O.V.E.R. Doc says as I've had the condition so long (which is uncommon apparently) it's unlikely that after all my treatments and 2 surgeries, that I'll ever be free of pain completely and I might want to seriously reconsider what I do for a living (currently Retail Managment). I would do well to find something where I can move around regularly to stop my joints and tendons seizing up but which also allows me to sit down for a large part of my shift. Standing on my feet all day must become a thing of the past.
I feel good. Which I know may sound odd. But at least it's a little bit of closure. I've been wanting someone to find the balls to tell me where I stand - if you'll pardon the pun - for ages and now at least I'm a bit better informed of what to do about things in the long term.
Doc says I could possibly have more surgeries in the future but not on a regular basis - not that I'd want them too aften! - but it's almost certainly something I'll have to live with long term and I might want to start really adapting to my condition. I expected this and actually feel quite positive that at least now I know and I can either be open to further treatment if it's available whilst also not continue sitting around waiting for someone to tell me what I pretty much already knew anyway! this is a good thing I think.

Also, to anyone suffering the same, or similar condition, - and I know you're out there cos you're either reading this or have kindly responded along the way - I was told today that I might benefit from seeing a Podiatrist and maybe having custom made insoles made for my shoes to put my feet at a slight angle without the stress of wearing heels (I don't like the idea of heels these days!). I'm a trainer girl and wearing such flat shoes is stretching my tendons and possibly making my condition more painful than it needs to be. I'm going to talk with my doctor more in 3 months time when I go back.

Positive result I reckon. Defo feeling a little brighter! How is everyone else? please do post and let me know.

Fluffy. xx