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Re: I was diagnosed with Polymyositis

Originally Posted by sharimagia View Post
I guess you are asking about the antibiotic therapy/treatment. The drug that is use is pretty safe and is given in low dose. It is in the tertacycline family. Miocin, oxycycline it is in the same family. I went to my rheumatologist and he did not give me the prescription it was my dermatologist who gave it to me. He went to website and read it and said it would not hurt to try. I have only been on it for two weeks and i have to give it time to work. You should give it at least two months to see changes. You must demand to doctors and try several if you have to one may budge.
The pain medication I am taking tramadohl was given to me by my neurologist not my rhematologist. As to if it is effecting my liver I don't know yet. this is the first month I am taking it. When I go for my blood work in 2 months I will know if I can stay on it or not. I know when I was on other medication I had to get off it because it was starting to attack my liver. But my neurologist says this medicaiton is safe and don't see any problems. It does however make you feel like you are in a fog so don't take it if you have to drive

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