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Re: (humor) How to get along with doctors

Yes, Friend . . . it is fun!

Now, how to unnerve a doctor:

1. Look at their face or arms and find a freckle, liver spot or whatever. Then point to it and ask them if it has changed color, size or shape since the last time you saw them.

2. When they check your abdomen for swelling, start giggling like a school girl and tell them that tickles.

3. Resist the urge when they test the reflexes in your knee. Wait until they start to turn away and note it in the chart to kick.

4. When they put the light on your eyes to check them, keep staring after the light is taken away and ask if they are done yet.

5. When they look in your ears, ask them if they can see all the way through and out the other side. If so, the hydrogen peroxide must be working.

6. If they are wearing their traditional white lab coat, make a comment that you saw a bunch of those in the local thrift store and they can save a ton by shopping there.

7. When they ask you to open wide and say "ah", just before they put the depressor on your tongue, close your mouth and say "no way 'cuz someone already ate the popsicle off of it".