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Re: Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Spinal, Bone and Brain Mets

It sounds very typical. I'm sorry you all are going through this, but so happy that hospice is involved.

I worked in hospice years ago and have some experience with those with brain mets. The "life expectancy" varies of course by which area of the brain is affected. You may continue to see physical manifestations, such as the vision changes, etc, or mental ones, with cognition being affected, excessive sleepiness, etc. If the area which controls breathing becomes affected, of course the situation quickly becomes dire.

That being said, since your husband is on hospice and is so very affected by the cancer, anything could happen at any time---or not. The one thing we can't predict is how one is able to adapt to the monster within; it is so variable from person to person.

I wish you well on the remainder of your husband's journey. I hope you are able to make some good memories in the time you have left. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too!