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Re: I am new - neuropathy symptoms undiagnosed

Wow, you are telling my story!! Both you and Ruby have given me much great information I actually feel hopeful I'll be able to find someone who will help me. Just two weeks ago, I went the emergency room with c/o dizziness, ataxia, involuntary
muscle jerking and facsiculation. The ER doc took one look at the meds I was taking and immediately jumped to the conclusion I was having a psych issue. He asked if I was under a lot of stress because stress could cause these symptoms. Of course that wasn't the issue. I was having a durg interaction between Cipro for a UTI and Cybalta for the neuropathy pain. needless to say, he came back to tell me I had a physiological explanation not a psychological one. You think?? My favorite one was a recommendation to be checked for Syphilis. I'm disillusioned with medical community especially since I'm a nurse and have worked as a colleage with these docs through the years. Again, thank you for your support and telling me what treatment provides you with some relief. I will keep plugging away until I can report that I found a professional willing to take on my case. I'm going write that letter you suggested cause you were right on the mark about the docs eyes glazing over while I telling my story! That was pretty funny!!!!!