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Re: vitamin d deficiency


Vit D deficiency is widespread especially in the US. I am on 4000 of Vit D every day for prevention of cancer. I have skin cancer and it was recommended to me by my Oncologist to increase my D.... Also I have insulin resistance and people with Insulin resistance usually have low D and low Magnesium.

I was always taught to limit my Vit A D E and K because they were not water soluable and could build up in your system. But D is very very important.

Does one cause the other or vise versa? Hard to say. I watch my animals and they no matter what find a spot of sun to lay in everyday. Sunshine is the best way to get natural vit D. Everyone is so afraid of the sun but even with skin cancer I make sure to get a dose of sunshine each day.

I have 2 known autoimmune disorders and a 3rd is suspected so I hope the VIt D I am taking will help.