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Re: L5 S1 Fusion in 5 days just a little bit scared!!!

Hey I just had my second fusion 2.5 weeks ago. My first fusion was in April of '09, so the same month as your last surgery!

It is scary, and it is a big surgery, but just stay positive and make sure you have plenty of support. You will have good days and bad days, so be prepared. Stay in touch with your PM clinic because you may need meds after your surgeon won't prescribe anymore and especially for during PT. My surgeon will only prescribe for 6 weeks. But only get meds from one Dr.
What meds are you taking? I would talk to your surgeon about it as soon as possible- tell him what you are taking and say that they don't work very well. You both will need a plan for how to control your pain after surgery. Seriously, it is a painful surgery and you will need pain relief. Pain relief is essential to healing as well.

Walking is very important to healing as I'm sure you are aware. I live in a wintery area so I bought a treadmill, that way I could also measure my distance as well. You could also make loops around your house if that is not an option.

Um, I find my walker very useful. With my first surgery I used a cane but the walker is much more supportive, especially for icy conditions. You definitely don't want to fall again! Also, you may have to wear a brace, I do. It sometimes helps with the pain as well. I feel like everything is being held together properly I also use my shower stool and have my husband bathe me, and I have a grabber tool so I don't have to reach down for anything or reach up. My 2 year old thinks all my things are really cool! It makes me smile because by most people I get stared at! (A 28 year old struggling to move with a cane). You just have to laugh about it. You can get all the these things right in the hospital and they will bill you for whatever insurance doesn't cover. It is very convenient.

Spine always has really great advice but she just had her latest fusion last week and I haven't seen her on here.

So is Monday the big day? We can chat until then, I will probably remember more advice as we chat!