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Smile Re: L5 S1 Fusion in 5 days just a little bit scared!!!

[QUOTE=Kelliew;4183529]Hi I am 42 years old and going in for surgery in 5 days this will be my 3rd surgery for the same problem, it started almost 3 years ago with the back pain after a vacation just thought i over did it. Fast forward to dec 08 and had first surgery it was microdiscectmy (spell) and it worked great pain was gone. About a month later in jan 09 I fell on the ice getting out of my truck tried as hard as i could not to fall on my back side but splat right on my a**.

The pain came back and my surgeon did not want to go in gain but after an MRI that showed the same disc had herniated again he agreed to do it again, this time the pain did not go away this surgery was in april 09. so now after another 7 months of pain and going to a pm for meds that at this point are so strong but dont work my only option is fusion because now i have DDD it is set for feb 16th and need some advise i ave read the sticky about post op tips and i would have never thought of some of them, just would like to hear from someone that has been through this. Thanks for listening to me ramble hope to hear from anybody thanks again Kellie[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear about your circumstances KELLIE. I feel your pain. Are you sure that you have no other options besides doing fusion. I had fusion on L5-S1 for a bulging herniated disc. 17 months forward I am still in alot of pain with impingement on a nerve from a bone or the hardware that requires corrective surgery. I am happy to hear that MicroDiscectomy did work on your first surgery. This was the surgery I wanted and did not get. Expect to have a large incision. I have a implant with the hardware (rods/screws). Just
wondering if you did a second/third opinion before agreeing with this new surgery. These fused surgeries seem to be outdated and don't work. I hope everything goes well for you. My prayers are with you for a quick recovery.