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Re: vitamin d deficiency

Originally Posted by TiredMother View Post
Interesting. I just posted about this on the fibromyalgia board.

I've had auto-immune issues for years and was finally diagnosed with fibro (for the 2nd times, I didn't believe it the first) last fall. I was at the rhuematologist's the other day and I brought with me a list of ingredients that were in some "fibro" vitamins I was going to order. I didn't recognize some of the things listed, so I just wanted to make sure that nothing would interact badly with the medication I'm taking. When the doctor looked over the list he said "you know, we've never checked your vitamin D level". So he ordered the blood test.

I got the results today - the "normal" range in the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test is 30.0 to 74.0 ng/mL, mine came at 5.

I'm actually a bit ticked off that no one thought to check this before. My level is seriously low - and is probably the cause of a lot of my recent, (and some of my past) health issues. Perhaps I don't even have fibro - though I suspect I do, it's just that it would have been so simple to rule this out and no one thought to do so. My PCP ordered every test under the sun (no pun intended. lol) and never was vitamin D even suspected even though I have EVERY single one of the "symptoms".

It's very frustrating. So I'm on the 50,000 iu vitamin D pills for 8 weeks - and will be retested after that.

If I hadn't brought in that ingredient list - I would have never been tested, and THAT is scary.

Crazy stuff, medicine.

Good luck.
5 is dangerously low and I bet that is what is causing a lot of your symptoms. BTW - are you on vitamin d2 or d3? I went on d2 and it did nothing to raise my vitamin d but then an endocrinollogist put me on d3 and it brought my levels up to normal for awhile.