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Re: vitamin d deficiency

I believe it's D2 that I'm taking - but I'm not sure. I will check on that because obviously it makes a difference.

I just got an email from the doctors office this morning that my lab results were online - so even though they called me and told me, I decided to look at them myself.

25-Hydroxy D2 - <4.0 unit ng/ml
25-Hydroxy D3 - 6.7 unit ng/ml

Interpretation: <10 (severe deficiency)
Optimum levels in the normal population are 25-80

So I guess when they told me 5, they were just averaging the two totals together? That sounds to me like the nurse doesn't even understand that D2 and D3 are different.

This is so frustrating.

The interesting thing is that once I read the results - I was almost relieved that finally something showed up on a test. Since there isn't a definitive test for fibromyalgia, you tend to feel like it's the "catch all" diagnosis when they can't find anything else wrong with you. Uggh.
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