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Re: L5 S1 Fusion in 5 days just a little bit scared!!!

Hi Megss,
Thanks for your reply my surgrey is set for Tuesday and i would really like to chat with you untill then mught help to talk with someone tha has gone through this.

My fusion is not 360 only going through back doc wanted to go through the front but it made me a little more stressed out and he said if it was stressing me out that it was no prob to just go through the back so thats ok with me less truma to me i think.

The meds that I am taking are Lryica 200 mg 2x day and Avinza 30 mg in morning and 60 mg at night Avinza is a pill form of morphin, my surgeon is working with my pm to figure out how to deal with pain after i go home so hopefully they will find something that will work for me.

I do have a tredmill so i will plan on using it but my tredmil is in my basement so i am not sure if i will be able to go down the stairs for awhile. My doc did say that i would prob go home with a walker i have to tell ya that scared me when he said that i did not think at all that i wold have to use one, but if it helps i am willing to do whatever he tells me. I was not told one way or the other about a brace he never said a word about that so i dont know i will call his office about that. I really hope that i will skip my period dont want to deal with that on top of recovery i have a very very heavy period due to fybroids and because of that my blood count is low so i am on iron pills to build it up so i wont need a transfusion doc said he will use(cant remember what he called it) something that will recycle my blood lots to deal with uggg. So anyway i look forward to chating with you thanks for the advice and hope you remember more tips i need all i can get. Thanks again Kellie