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Re: Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Spinal, Bone and Brain Mets

Hi, so sorry you are both going through this. Cancer sucks.

My brother-in-law has lung cancer and had his left lung removed along with part of his aorta. This was March of last year. About 6 months ago, it had metastisized to his brain. He had a 5 cm tumor above his right eye and two smaller ones in the back of his head. They removed the 5 cm tumor and did radiation to shrink the other two.

Today he will get results of an MRI he had done last Thursday. They think it may have mets to his spine. He has been in a lot of pain and weak from waist down. We won't hear anything from them until tonight (they live in another state as well so we can't even be there to support them).

He has also dealt with swollen eyes and severe headaches in the morning. He also threw up this weekend. My sister found him yesterday morning laying on the floor trying to find relief from the pain. He takes Loratab, but it is not helping. Sis is hoping that the pain he is experiencing is from one med he started two months ago - a side affect is muscle pain.

When he was told of the brain cancer, they told him one year, two at the most. Now if it has mets again, who knows. All's we can do is keep fighting and praying.

Everyone is different. He's had two major surgeries to try and get rid of this, but sadly it is not a winning battle. I'll let you know how things go. God Bless.
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