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Re: Sex During Pregnancy

We're now about 5 months into the pregnancy and I have really been amazed by my wife's "appetite" for sex. It seems that the more she shows, the more she needs..haha.

Don't get me wrong...i'm certainly NOT complaining Just wondering this frequency likely a hormonal thing that will go away later in the pregnancy or after the little guy's arrival?....

....OR (I hope, I hope, I hope!!!, does it have nothing to do with hormones and is just the Mrs' new "permanent" appetite?....I'm talking AT LEAST daily now, but often twice...and occasionally thrice

We had almost this frequency during and immediately after our honeymoon (resulting in our little surprise)...then a pretty noticeable cool-off for a couple of months in which she was rarely interested in sex...and when she occasionally was, it tended to be more masturbation kinds of activities. But now...yowsers!...more than the honeymoon!! (and that's a good thing

Doc says everything's o.k. so far, so sex during pregnancy is CLEARLY not a problem for the baby's health as I was originally concerned...the techniques just get more and more interesting...I could write a book (actually, it's probably already been written

As you can tell, i'm pretty happy about all of this...hope it's not just a "side effect!"