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Re: I need some advice , please help....

i know what you mean about them making u watch a video! they did that to me one time after my rapid test swab, i had to go sit in a little room by myself while the results came back and they put on a video about stds and hiv. i told them, no no i don't want to watch this video (it's like, jeez, i am here already, obviously anxiety ridden about to have a mental breakdown, and now you make me watch this video while my quickswab develops? really?)

kev is right...*hugs* sometimes when i'm feeling really scared, this is what i tell myself, or sometimes i even write it down:

no matter what happens, i'm going to be ok

and you know what? it's always true. so take a few deep breaths, and get your retest for peace of mind, and then put this behind you.