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Re: Acid Reflux & Sinus symptoms - What's cause and what's effect?

I'm 52 and have had GERD as long as I can remember. Probably because I don't have a stomach valve, go figure. Anyway, I severe dizziness, fogginess and vertigo in my 30's along with the the Gerd, I had at that time an MRI and what they found was that when I would sleep at night, stomach acid would go into my back sinus cavaties. These sinus cavaties are next to your blance centers at the back of your skull, when the stomach acid sits in there, it swells the sinus cavity and the inflammation presses against the balance center causing dizziness and vertigo. It also can create brain splitting migraines, not at the back of your head, but in the sinus area. This is called reflected pain. It has been pointed out to me that people that have severe heartburn are not suffering from too much stomach acid, but from too little. Using baking soda to get rid of your heartburn is dangerous, it can raise your blood pressure and put you in a diabetic state over a long period of use. Nexium never worked for me, at one time my ENT was giving me 4 prilosec a day, that worked, but I don't believe it is good for you. For heartburn, stay on Omiprazale, when it flares, you can try eating 6 roasted almonds OR take 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar OR chew gum. Hope that explains a few things. Good luck!