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Re: Acid Reflux & Sinus symptoms - What's cause and what's effect?

Please define the acroym PPI. I went to the web page they suggest up above in this post. Very interesting! I am going to start working in that direction and see where I get. As to being able to get off the Omiprazole, I agree it is almost impossible your body becomes used to taking it. The lack of acid in the stomach concept is sound and may be more likely
what I have been going through all these years. You point out anemia, yes I have it, I have the initial stages of osteoporosis, I am that stage in my life they expect it, I don't. I have just started a new diet through Medical Weightloss Center. It is mainly PROTEIN, I feel so much better. There is very little sugar, natural or fake, no salt if possible. I think this may be the time to change the acid reflux and will let you all know how it goes. A side affect of no salt and no sugar has been no osteoarthritis. WHOOPEE!