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Re: Reducing heart rate with beta blockers in hypertension is it harmful or Atenolol?

Mabent - I'm glad to hear that Carvedilol is working for you. It seems some drugs can lose their effectiveness in controlling hypertension after awhile. This is why doctors are always increasing the dose. Some drugs are also more potent than others, and long term effectiveness is great. Atenolol has been prescribed for years to control high blood pressure, with good results.
I think this article is making patients and MD's think twice about Atenolol.

According to the latest beta blocker research, the best beta blockers to be taking are the vasodilating blockers, these include Carvedilol, Labetalol and Nebivolol. Your doctor was correct to suggest Carvedilol as an alternative for better blood pressure control. Your doctor seems to be "right on track" with the latest beta blocker studies..

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