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weakness & strange feeling in head

well I am going through a variety of symptoms since December 2009

..the one that is bothering me the most is that whenever I lift anything that has some weight to it:for example a small box of laundry soap or a six pack of small juice bottles I get a funny feeling in my head and feel extremely weak...the strange feeling in my head is hard to's like I feel disoriented...the feeling lasts anywhere's from 5-10 minutes....during this time I find it a little hard to talk and walk and I feel extremely weak....after that I feel fine.I don't faint or have black outs.

I have a neurologist appointment for March 8th...takes soooo long to get in to see the neuro.

My current GP dr. said I need to see a neuro and I agree,but I also have been having a ton of other sx...such as acid reflux(I think that's what it is,because I'm belching very loud...).I just had a heart echo and heart echo stress tests which confirmed I have a slight mitral valve prolapse(which was originally dx in December 2006).My dr. said he heard the murmur at my last visit before the heart tests.

I just do not feel well...and I'm having a lot of problems with anything I eat....I'm down to 104 lbs. and I'm 5'6''....I think I have IBS so my dr. said I need to see a gastroenterologist...( all these specialty docs...I must be a mess...I know I am).

Well I seem to have okay muscle strength for doing small tasks,but even then I have to take it easy when doing dishes or laundry or I get that strange feeling in my head along with the weakness.........

Also I have asthma which is mostly triggered by cold air,food allergies(dairy) and my asthma hasn't acted up in a long time.I'm not currently using any asthma meds.

I do know I have two slightly bulging discs in my neck with mild arthritis there too(MRI in Dec.'06)and also a questionable dx of Chiari I malformation...they said it was more like a slight cerebellar tonsillar ectopia(hind brain herniation)....that was also shown on an MRI in Dec.'06I never had the sx I have now.

Sorry for the long post...but I 'm seriously hoping one of you good people can give me your opinions on the sx I'm having.

Thanks So Much

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