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Re: My hymenotomy/hymenectomy experience

I had a hymenectomy 7 years ago. I am very glad I had the hymenectomy but my pain didn't completely diminish until after a pregnancy and a vaginal delivery. I had a hymen that would never completely separate. I was a virgin when I married and every time my husband and I would have sex it would be very painful, he would hurry as much as he could and our frequency was very infrequent due to the pain. A year later I had a hymenctomy and after healing from the hymenectomy my pain was much, much less but not completely gone. Because of this I inserted lidocain vaginally at least 10-15 minutes prior to intercourse which elleviated all the pain or discomfort I was feeling and I was able to enjoy the experience more. Following my first pregnancy and vaginal delivery I was able to eventually go completely off the lidocain and now only have mild pain every so often (which is typical for most women). I hope this helps someone who is experiencing similar things.