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Re: I'm 45, have no parents left, and am lost...

Hi, Daughterlost . . . this is the first time I have visited this particular thread. I lost a good friend the night of February 20th and just wanted to see if anyone else was in a similar situation.

Then I saw your post.

My Mom passed October 28, 1982 from congestive heart failure.

My Dad passed at home on March 18, 2003 (the coroner did not get there until after midnight, so it is shown he passed on March 19th).

There was no indication that my Dad had any severe health problems. He was on antibiotics for some lower abdominal pain but that was all.

He lived in Iowa and I live in Idaho. I was feeling very on edge that night for no apparent reason other than we were about to go to war with Afghanistan.

I was still up when my Aunt (Dad's younger sister) who lived a few miles away from my Dad called to give me the news.

My very first reaction when I came into the bedroom where my husband wanted to know who had been on the telephone was, "I am an orphan!"

It is now almost seven years later. I have filled my life with on line friends (one of which I just lost), good people here in the small town that I see at least a couple of times a week, and my husband's family.

I have even reconnected with a cousin (my Aunt's son) who I had not seen in over 20 years.

I always feel that they are with me in spirit. There are many things that have happened that people would call coincidence that I think are a message.

Be vigilant for the messages of love as they are out there. It will take time to get over the loss of the relationship you had but new relationships with people (family, friends, co-workers) will fill some of the void.

Remember their birthdays, their anniversary and the dates of their passing. Talk about your fondest memories of them with others.

I have done that and seven years later, I am still okay.

Strength and love to you,